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Landmark Courier Service

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Profesional Same Day Courier Dallas, Texas

Paving the way for professional same day deliveries

Same Day Service (3-5 hours)

Do you have a package that needs to be delivered by days end but can't find the time in your busy schedule to drop it off? No worries! Our Same Day Service will make sure that your package is delivered on time.

 **Packages must be ready for pick up between 8am and 12pm and will be delivered by 5pm

We are able to tailor a service to meet your every need

Priority Service (2-3 hours)

Is your Low Toner light flashing on your office printer but you and your staff are too busy with clients to leave work and run to the local office supplier? We can help! We can have your office supplies to you with in a couple of hours so you can do what's important for you and your customers. Let us do the work for your.

**Packages must be ready for pick up between 8am and 2pm
We guarantee to have your packages delivered on time. Every time!

Rush Delivery Service (1-2 hours)

Did you forget to send that birthday present to your loved one and time is ticking away at their special day? No need to worry! With Landmark's Rush Delivery Service, we will have that package delivered for you with in 1-2 hours. 

**Services available Monday through Friday 8am-5pm

***After hours services available for additional charge.